Providing Concise and Unbiased Testimony

Supporting and Defending Opinions

Radiology Expert 

Dr. Haber has been in practice for the past 30 years.


Dr. Haber is as concerned with accuracy in providing opinions, as he would be if he were the Consulting Radiologist involved in the ongoing care of a patient.

Why choose Dr. Haber as your Radiology Expert Witness?

XRay-HandAs a radiology expert Dr. Haber will provide timely and accurate review of all imaging studies. He is prepared to opine on certificate of merit and offer if necessary medical testimony. His three decades of clinical experience has been invaluable in substantiating his expertise as a radiology expert.

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How can the Radiologist Expert help me with a case?

XRay-FeetA Radiological Expert Witness must be credible. He must generate confidence. His opinions although authoritative must be clear and concise. He must be able to converse not only with other doctors, but he must be able to speak at ease with the lay public. His role as an Expert must depend upon his communicative skills.

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Radiologic Expert Witness Areas include but are not limited to: XRay-Leg

  • Radiologist Expert Witness for Plaintiff
  • Radiologist Expert Witness for Defense
  • Medical Record Review
  • Independent Medical Exam Review

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Dr. Haber has been in practice for the past 30 years. He utilizes his extensive professional background to provide in depth expertise. His proficiency includes:






Customized involvement will include personalized attention. He is available if necessary for urgent consultations. Dr. Haber has done work for both plaintiff and defense.