By Kate Madden Yee, staff writer

February 21, 2017 — Screening breast MRI boosts early diagnosis of cancer in all women, not just those at high risk, according to a new study from Germany published online February 21 in Radiology. So why isn’t the modality being used more frequently?

The findings suggest that use of the technology could be expanded beyond its traditional application in high-risk women, helping to catch cancer earlier in women of all ages and risk levels, wrote a team led by Dr. Christiane Kuhl of Aachen University in Aachen, Germany.

Dr. Christiane Kuhl

Dr. Christiane Kuhl from the University of Aachen in Germany.

“By far, most women who develop breast cancer are ‘average risk,’ ” Kuhl told via email. “Our results demonstrate that breast MRI improves early diagnosis in this group to the same extent as it does for women at high risk.”