Radiologic Expert Witness Areas Include


Radiologic Expert Witness Areas Include

Radiologic Expert Witness for Plaintiff
Radiologic Expert Witness for Defense
Medical Record Review
Independent Medical Exam Review
Dr. Haber can offer Guest Speaking appearances on issues concerning Radiology to both lay and legal audiences. Over the past 30 years, there have been many developments in technology. Also with the shifting politics, many techno-political issues have arisen which have generated much public interest.

Radiology Specialties:

• Mammography Screening and diagnostic, digital and analog

• Breast – Additional Stereo biopsy, cyst aspiration, & needle localization

• MRI Breast, spine, & brain

• CT Spine, brain, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, and extremities

• Ultrasound Breast ultrasound, OB, neck, neonatal head, abdomen, and pelvis

• Hysterosalpingography

• Arthrography Hip, shoulder, & knee

• Fine Needle Aspirations

• Paracentesis

• Thoracentesis

• Ultrasound & CT guided liver biopsy

• Fluoroscopy


• Plain Films

imaging of surgical implant failure(orthopedic prosthesis)