Why choose Dr. Haber as your Radiology Expert Witness?


Dr. Haber will provide timely and accurate review of all imaging studies. He is prepared to opine on a certificate of merit and if necessary, offer a medical testimony. In preparation for trial, Dr. Haber can utilize state of the art visuals.

His three decades of clinical experience have been invaluable in substantiating his expertise. He can explain complex medical issues so that they are easily understood by the non-medical public.

When you retain Dr. Haber as your medical expert witness, you will work directly with him. He understands that time is of the essence, and communication with Dr. Haber will be as easy as a telephone call or e-mail. He will be available to you for conferences and testimony within 24 hours notice.

Dr. Haber and his staff at Consulting Radiologist LLC are ready to work with you and to surpass all levels of Radiological Expert Witness consulting services that exist today.

Contact us now and know that you will have the resources and experience of Dr. Haber, a Board Certified Radiologist, with exceptional experience in the forensic medical legal community, as your personal Radiologist expert and medical legal consultant.